Free White Paper: Building a Data Culture with Data Storytelling

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Learn how data storytelling can develop a better, stronger data culture within your organization

Most organizations have made significant data investments over the years, but many continue to struggle with creating data cultures.

A recent report showed that less than 20% of companies had established a data culture. While there’s no single cure-all solution for your data culture challenges, data storytelling can help with instilling a data-driven mindset within your organization. This comprehensive 15-page white paper will help you in the following ways:

  • Gain insights into the four benefits of having a data storytelling culture
  • Discover the four foundational layers that are needed to establish a data storytelling culture
  • Learn five strategies for developing a data storytelling culture in your organization

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For thousands of years, humans have been drawn to both telling and listening to stories. Now in our digital age, storytelling with data can make significant contributions to forging a data culture in your organization as your people share meaningful insights with one another. If you’ve been frustrated by a lack of success in building a data culture at your company, download this informative white paper today to learn how data storytelling can begin enhancing your data culture.

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The number one roadblock to data and analytic success is the culture of an organization. Brent Dykes has tapped into a great key to helping a data-driven culture thrive: data storytelling. In his white paper, learn how data storytelling can help foster a data-driven culture in an organization. The ability to communicate insights effectively is needed in data and analytics, and Brent is a world leader in this important subject, data storytelling.

Jordan Morrow

Author of Be Data Literate & Be Data Driven