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If you’re interested in more content on data storytelling and other related topics, this section will feature some of Brent’s past Forbes articles. As his ideas and thoughts on data storytelling evolve, he looks forward to sharing more tips and examples of effective data stories.

Why Data Storytellers Will Define The Next Decade Of Data

January 22, 2020

While most businesses expect technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented analytics to drive more value from data, human beings will also play an integral role. In the coming decade, data storytellers will help shape the value that businesses receive from their data investments.

Data Curiosity: How To Cultivate An Inquisitive Workforce

October 10, 2019

Based on the wealth of data that organizations now have, it's imperative that companies cultivate the skills and environment that support greater data curiosity. This article explores the need to be curious with data and how organizations can foster data-curious cultures.

10 Ways To Make Your Dashboards More Actionable

September 12, 2019

What we want the most from our dashboards is actionable insights. Yet, most dashboards fail to deliver on this key promise. This article outlines 10 tips or guidelines that can help make your dashboards more actionable and, ultimately, more valuable.

The Four Key Pillars To Fostering A Data-Driven Culture

March 28, 2019

Despite the increased emphasis on becoming data-driven, a recent study by NewVantage Partners shows companies are still struggling to create a data-driven culture. This article looks at four key pillars that are essential to your efforts at creating a data-driven culture within your organization

The Real Reason Most Dashboards Don't Tell Data Stories

October 30, 2018

Many people assume dashboards tell stories when in fact most don't. Instead, most dashboards frame key information so users can find insights (exploratory) rather than telling a specific story (explanatory). This article explores the concept of storyframing and how it complements storytelling.

Adventures In Data Storytelling: Three Key Traps To Avoid

April 25, 2017

Data stories are powerful vehicles for sharing insights to influence change. However, not all data stories are effective and may exhibit flaws that limit their effectiveness. This article explains how data stories are formed and highlights three common data storytelling traps to avoid.

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Effectively communicating with data is a necessity in organizations of all types and sizes. It’s often the crucial last mile in the analysis process that determines whether an insight will inspire action. Transforming data into visual communication is only one part of the picture—it’s just as important to engage your audience with a memorable and persuasive story. Narratives are more powerful than raw statistics, more enduring then pretty charts. Effective Data Storytelling teaches you how to communicate insights that influence decisions, inspire action, and drive change.