Effective data storytelling


To ensure critical insights have an opportunity to guide decision-making and be translated into meaningful actions, they must be communicated effectively. My training workshops are designed to help your team master the art and science of data storytelling.

Having delivered training workshops to different functional teams and for various industries, I’m ready to train up your people on the essential data storytelling skills they’ll need to enlighten and engage audiences with their insights.

To help your team improve its data communication skills, I offer a variety of training workshop options. Based on your specific training goals and team needs, I’ll work with you to create a custom solution that accelerates your team’s path to becoming better data storytellers.

The following workshop elements will shape your unique training solution:

  • Delivery format: Workshops can be conducted in-person in half, full-day, or multi-day timeframes. Training can also be delivered virtually over a series of weekly or bi-weekly 1.5-2-hour webinar sessions (Zoom, Webex, etc.).
  • Number of participants: Ideally, the sessions accommodate up to 30 people in-person or up to 40 virtually.
  • Content focus: At a high-level, the material spans four essential areas. It starts with a compelling introduction to data storytelling followed by in-depth looks at its three pillars: data, narrative, and visuals. The content is principle-based and product-agnostic so it’s applicable to any organization.
  • Preparation: To tailor the content to your team needs, I gather crucial background information via pre-workshop surveys, owner/audience interviews, and data asset reviews. This information clarifies the training objectives and helps me identify potential competency gaps.
  • Relevant examples: To make the content more relatable, the narrative and visual examples will be based on your company’s business data (retail, healthcare, manufacturing) as well as your team’s functional focus (marketing, finance, HR, operations, product, etc.).
  • Interactivity: Based on the desired time duration, the level of interaction can be dialed up or down (more recommended). Interactive elements such as polls, live Q&A, individual exercises, group activities, etc. help reinforce retention and understanding.
  • Assets: To further reinforce the key concepts and frameworks, we can provide several resources such as worksheets, cheat sheets, reference guides, templates, and even copies of my book (physical/digital). 
Please reach out if you have any questions about my workshop offerings. I’d love to schedule your workshop soon before all the available openings fill up. Let’s start planning your data storytelling workshop today. 

Here’s what’s unique about these data storytelling workshops

  • Narrative: I place a significant emphasis on the importance of narrative and how it serves as the backbone of every data story.
  • Impact: I see data storytellers as change agents. I’m fixated on helping you craft data stories that influence decisions, drive action, and produce positive outcomes.
  • Audience: I recognize the influential role that audiences have on each data story and show your team how to deliver actionable insights that matter to them.
  • Psychology: I demystify the neuroscience and psychological evidence behind why our brains love data stories, and I’ll show your team how to tap into our innate affinity for narrative.
  • Explanatory visuals: I understand data visualizations are used very differently for exploratory and explanatory purposes. I specialize on the latter scenario where you’re visualizing data to reinforce key takeaways.
  • Comprehensive: I’ll load your team up with practical tips, techniques, and frameworks that span all three pillars of data storytelling: data, narrative, and visuals.
Data Storytelling Workshops by Brent Dykes

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Effective Data Storytelling

Master the art and science of data storytelling—with frameworks and techniques to help you craft compelling stories with data.

Effectively communicating with data is a necessity in organizations of all types and sizes. It’s often the crucial last mile in the analysis process that determines whether an insight will inspire action. Transforming data into visual communication is only one part of the picture—it’s just as important to engage your audience with a memorable and persuasive story. Narratives are more powerful than raw statistics, more enduring then pretty charts. Effective Data Storytelling teaches you how to communicate insights that influence decisions, inspire action, and drive change.

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