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Free Book Club Discussion Guide

Free Book Club Discussion Guide + Bonus Cheat Sheet

Data storytelling is quickly becoming a critical data skill that everyone must master. Launching a book club based on Effective Data Storytelling is a great way for your team to explore, discuss, and develop this valuable, new skill together.

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Effective Data Storytelling

Master the art and science of data storytelling—with frameworks and techniques to help you craft compelling stories with data.

Effectively communicating with data is a necessity in organizations of all types and sizes. It’s often the crucial last mile in the analysis process that determines whether an insight will inspire action. Transforming data into visual communication is only one part of the picture—it’s just as important to engage your audience with a memorable and persuasive story. Narratives are more powerful than raw statistics, more enduring then pretty charts. Effective Data Storytelling teaches you how to communicate insights that influence decisions, inspire action, and drive change.