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Data Storytelling: Is It Art or Science?

February 15, 2022

Data storytelling is one of the few data skills that combines both disciplines of art and science. In this article, I look at the different elements under each discipline and explain how they contribute to crafting and telling data stories effectively.

Why Data Storytelling Requires a Mindset Shift

December 9, 2021

To become an effective data storyteller, you must shift your mindset from being reporting centered to embracing a different storytelling approach. In this article, I introduce the Insight Funnel and how reports/dashboards complement data stories. Then I explore the six key approach differences between reports/dashboards and data stories.

A Deeper Dive into LEGO Bricks and Data Stories

September 9, 2021

Recently, an image that associated LEGO bricks with data storytelling went viral on LinkedIn. As a LEGO fan and data storyteller, I decided to take a closer look at the five-step process from raw data to a data story. I developed my own version that I feel corrects some of the flaws in the original image. I believe this analogy can be useful in explaining the process of how a data story comes together.

Six Visual Myths That Won’t Go Away—But Should

March 26, 2020

As a data storyteller, you believe in the persuasive power of visual information. However, many of the popular statistics related to visual communication and perception cannot be trusted due to suspect citations and sources. We need to stop relying on these dubious statistics to preserve the integrity of our visual craft.

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